As we reach the half way point to this years competition and none of our couples wanting to leave before next weeks Wembley Arena show, it is now time to sort the wheat from the chaff, there were some truly brilliant performances but it looks like the judges are saving their tens for next week!

Denise & James, Paso Doblé A very dramatic Paso from these two this week, and again very well controlled topline and upper body control from Denise, however she was a little pigeon toed in places and looked a little unstable on her chainé turns, but as in previous weeks great performance, but is that not but her job?

Richard & Erin, Charleston A good lively approach to this comical routine, Richard has obviously improved his dancing ability over the last few weeks and all their hard work is paying off, it was a clean and precise routine with very few fluffs, I would have preferred to see him a little higher on his toes but well danced.

Louis & Flavia, Waltz A very elegant Waltz demonstration with good strong leads and finished lines, there were a few footwork issues that if corrected would have made it perfect for a week six performance from a male celebrity, and Craig to score a six was actually an insult, I would like to see you do better!

Fern & Artem, Salsa Fern you little sex kitten! A great rhythmical action with amazing control and effortless styling, I could not take my eyes of you, your standard matched Artem perfectly which is a very high achievement, you looked, danced and performed amazingly and would have easily scored a nine from me!

Victoria & Brendan, Quickstep A very light Quickstep performed very well with great technical content and flow, Victoria looked like she had been rehearsing this routine for months and easily her best performance to date, I did not understand the storyline they were trying to create if I am absolutely honest and I think If Victoria was not in hold she would have performed quite as well, but I still loved it.

Dani & Vincent, Tango A true professional Tango demonstration, great power staccato and feeling all topped with beautiful styling and drama, great content and choreography performed effortlessly, I loved every second and could have watched these two perform Tango all night, why this did not at least score one ten is beyond me and on technical ability alone I much preferred it to Denise & James’s Paso.

Nicky & Karen, Foxtrot A very lively American Smooth style Foxtrot, Nicky looked very light on his feet and showed clean lines, there were however several basic footwork issues and I would have preferred more Foxtrot content, it was a good effort and Nicky is improving.

Kimberley & Pasha, Viennese Waltz This has to be one of the most beautiful Viennese Waltz routines ever performed on Strictly, Pasha I take my hat off to you sir. A very innocent moving performance with amazing style shaping and content a true professional performance and again I preferred it to Denise & James’s routine but obviously the judges did not.

Michael & Natalie, Salsa Michael has a great Salsa action with quick and sharp footwork; he obviously lost the routine at one point but recovered by demonstrating amazing control on the lifts which were executed extremely well.

I loved the show style opening to their routine this week that was very well rehearsed, as with Nicky & Karen’s routine I would have preferred a little more Foxtrot content and Foxtrot timing but a very good effort.

Sunday Results Show In one of the most shocking result shows in the history of Strictly, opened by Vincent & Flavia and the cast in one of their inspirational routines from the stage show Midnight Tango, but then Fern & Artem and Kimberley & Pasha in the dreaded dance off, neither couple deserved to be there, and Bruno and the audience’s reaction said it all, everyone was shocked at this result, even though I thought both routines were not as polished as we saw on Saturdays show but Kimberley & Pasha get to dance in Wembley, Fern please, please, please do not stop dancing you have definitely left us all wanting more and in my opinion could have gone a lot further.