IT sounds as though someone is passing comment on that most modern phenomenon but in actual fact Pointless Celebrities is one of the unexpected highlights of the week.

There are too few quiz shows on the telly these days that are both challenging and entertaining — you can’t count those silly phone-in questions so favoured by ITV where the answer is so obvious it turns the whole thing into no more than a lucky draw.

But Pointless has long been worth seking out on BBC2, but now in its Saturday night, all-star spot it’s got even better.

For not only do you still have the challenge of trying to find the least popular answers from the general public — think Family Fortunes with A levels — you also get celebs making fools of themselves.

This week’s star prize goes to Edwina Currie, a woman not exactly lacking in self confidence.

“Oh I know this one,” she gushed, “Harry Rudd was in McFly.” Ooops. Try Harry Judd Mrs C — and you were on Strictly with him for weeks.

Then came the classic: “I know Keith Moon was in the Rolling Stones.” (Try The Who Mrs C and stop showing off).

Somehow she and ‘partner’ Dianne Abbott got to the final round although judging by the body language on stage, they appear to have political difference issues.

Great TV though.