MIDDLE aged men behaving badly or entertaining TV?

The Beeb has brought two series to the screen this week which could fall into either category.

First up on Sunday was the return of Top Gear.

Never has a programme with such a simple premise divided the viewing public so much.

And there are no signs that the winning formula will be changing. So Messrs Clarkson, Hammond and May still loon around in expensive bits of metal which no-one can afford while cracking infantile jokes.

I can see why it must infuriate the hell out of many people, particularly if you don’t like fast cars, but the sight of Mr Clarkson trundling down the A3 looking like Judge Dredd in his home-made car was funny.

Then on Wednesday the Hairy Bikers were back. By their own admission they’ve ‘gone posh;’ with their new series — doing gourmet meals on the cheap.

Again, the boys aren’t afraid to break with convention, so they willingly get hammered while beer tasting and drop ingredients on the floor.

Unlike Top Gear however, they do appear to have changed the format of the show slightly, revealing how much each dish they cook will actually cost.

So while half the country is probably cursing, I’d say welcome back chaps.