COMIC Relief has done a great job in helping thousands of youngsters around the world.

But just because something’s for a good cause, it doesn’t mean that you can get away with any old rubbish.

Having watched Saturday’s Let’s Dance For Comic Relief I’d suggest the Beeb should get the viewing public to cough up NOT to show another episode and they’d make a fortune.

Let’s be honest – it just wasn’t very good was it? If you missed it, well first of all you were lucky, but the premise is simple.

TV personalities and comedians make fools of themselves by undertaking dance routines with various amounts of ineptitude. It’s not Strictly nor is it supposed to be but while the premise might be OK, the execution is lacking. It’s too long, too disjointed and, for a Saturday prime-time offering surprisingly amateurish.

We had the Jones twins presenting, both needing subtitles. Steve Jones, who looks like a giant Action Man and has the charisma to match, should steer clear of trying to be funny at all costs.

Then the judges included someone from EastEnders who screamed a lot, annoyingly called everyone ‘mate’ but contributed nothing.

Tim Vine and his Justin Timberlake routine was the only thing you could vaguely class as entertaining.