WE have all heard tales of people shouting at the TV set in protest about something they have seen — I must say I’ve been tempted a few times.

But it comes to something when the TV starts shouting at the viewer!

Am I the only one who is fed up of watching a programme only to be assaulted by a burst of Dum Diddy Dum as an annoying insurance advert bursts from the screen Adverts are, at best, a necessary evil and the pet hate of TV viewers.

So being subjected to a sonic barrage every time you reach a commercial break is hardly going to endear tthe viewer to your products.

But it’s not just adverts that are threatening to deafen us.

The TV companies are also at it with their between-programme trailers, which boom out of the set at mega levels.

As if all that wasn’t bad enough, with the huge variety of digital channels now available some of them are pumping out the whole of their output at way higher levels than others.

Try switching from BBC1 to Dave, for example, and you run the risk of bouncing the ornaments off the mantelpiece.

So, memo to TV companies. Our sets have a volume control which we can operate so please STOP SHOUTING.