IF you’re a fan of the nation’s favourite two Geordie lads then you’ll be pleased to see that their 10th series of Saturday night telly is back.

And thank the bosses for their return as there wasn’t much on TV after the popular singing and dancing reality TV shows came to an end.

But Saturday Night Takeaway is much more enjoyable than the above.

It’s an easy-to-watch programme, with the best part being the pranks. Last week Ant and Dec tricked talk-show host Jeremy Kyle in America.

They lured him into believing his guests were cat crazy in ‘My husband’s weird plastic surgery is pushing me away’.

Jezza was convinced a plastic surgery clad Declan was going too far turning himself into a cat with his feline features.

The previous week Louis Walsh pretended to be a diva, tricking builders into his home and acting fairly odd wearing a crown around the house.

There’s laugh-out-loud comedy every week and who can forget the nation’s favourites — Little Ant and Dec. They took on their first assignment well, taking out Mila Kunis for dinner. Too cute to miss.

With plenty of audience interaction and challenges between the hosts and guests, it’s a great family show.