THE collective hearts of WI members around the country must be all a-flutter with the latest foodie fantasy on the Beeb.

Having escaped the watchful eye of Mary Berry on the Great British Bake Off, the improbably named Paul Hollywood has launched his one-man crusade to get us all covered in flour.

Paul Hollywood’s Bread appears to be going down the Nigella route with long lingering close-ups of treacle being poured into bowls and slow motion studies of Mr Hollywood’s kneading techniques.

But it also has that annoying trait last seen on Jamie Oliver’s programmes where the host appears to be addressing all his remarks to someone stood at the side of the camera. Come on Paul, you know we’re all hooked on those baby blues of yours so look at the camera when you’re talking will you?

To be fair to the man, he really does know his loaves.

As with any expert he makes the whole thing look so easy — and it appears that anyone who grew up playing with Plasticine should be able to make a fair stab at it.

The only thing Mr H doesn’t really factor in is the time all this fresh bread lark takes. That and the fact that, wonderful as a home made loaf is, it doesn’t exactly last very long.