TIME to delve into the world of ‘guilty pleasures’ again — most of my viewing seems to fall into this category these days.

This one’s a little different as there are certain things which I find deeply annoying about it.

The programme is the latest incarnation of the Wheeler Dealer franchise on the Discovery channel — Trading Up.

In it, cheeky chappy Mike Brewer is out to prove that you can start out with a banger and trade your way up to a supercar.

Unlike previous Wheeler Dealers, the Del Boy of the motor trade is without his lanky companion and master mechanic Edd China.

Indeed, Mr Brewer has actually been seen attempting some car improvements himself — from which you can see why he needs Edd on the major jobs!

Having started in India, Mike arrived back in England with a Hindustan Ambassador which he flogged at a profit and was last seen heading to Sweden with a garish American muscle car.

If nothing else our Mike’s getting a good holiday out of it.

And now for the gripe. Discovery clearly aim to flog the show to the American market as Mr B who usually deals inpounds does alll his pricing in dollars.

He even said he was “stoked” to get a good deal.

Not scripted at all then!