THE coolest furniture on TV has revolved for the final time, the teams have been sorted, the battle lines are drawn and — let’s face it — The Voice goes downhill from now on.

For the last few Saturday nights, the selection process for the Beeb’s talent search has been surprisingly entertaining. Now in its second series, it appears as though the celebrity judges/team captains have realised what works and what doesn’t in terms of keeping the viewers engaged.

And — unlike a certain programme on the other side — the majority of the hopefuls do display some genuine talent rather than being hopeless eccentrics with an eye on the main chance.

The selection process of singers hoping for a break with the blind auditions has been fun to watch, particularly when failed pop stars try to get back in the limelight and look crestfallen when not selected, giving judges a look which says ‘don’t you know who I am?’ I’m still not sure whether Jessie J is great value or completely annoying as she sings along to most songs and speaks in that weird way of hers. But the real star is, swinging his feet like a child in a playground and going off into his own little world.

Now the competition gets serious but, for me, the best is over.