I’D thought I was doing well, but three weeks in my resolve failed and I fell into the trap of watching The Apprentice.

On Wednesday night’s showing they might as well cancel the show now as none of the contestants seem worthy of a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar.

The worst culprits are the girls team — a collection of false eyelashes, short skirts and ridiculous heels with the business instincts of a bunch of seagulls around a tip. They made a similar noise too, none listening to the other.

This week’s task was to design a piece of flat-pack furniture. After much whooping and self-congratulation the girls came up with . . . a storage box on wheels.

During their communal screeching sessions the buzzword appeared to be multi-functional — ironic when you consider how dysfunctional the group is.

You do have to wonder how any of them have managed to hold down a job. Perhaps it’s the presence of the cameras, or could it just be that they see a career as a ‘personality’ looming?

Sorry girls but I’d give up on that dream if I was you. Predictably, the box on wheels bombed with the boys’ ‘emergency chair’ proving much more successful.

This series could down in history as the first in which all the girls are told “you’re fired” before any of the hapless males are shown the door.