OOH! la! la! The Beeb has gone all dewy-eyed about a charming young lady living in a shoe box.

Little Paris Kitchen features the latest culinary wonder and our contribution to the entente cordiale, Rachel Khoo.

I know what you’re thinking — ‘not another cookery programme’ — but, to be fair, this one is slightly different.

For a start, the delightful Ms Khoo (her dad’s part Malaysian, hence the surname), appears to live in the world’s smallest flat.

Unilke many TV chefs who cook in a room the size of a small TV studio (often because it is a small TV studio), complete with butcher’s block, central island, wine chiller, an array of appliances that would put your local Comet to shame and seemingly endless worktops, poor old Rachel has to make do with a two ring gas hob that looks like it was old in the Sixties, a tiny oven and a wobbly chopping board balanced on top of a cupboard.

And, miracle of miracles, her recipes aren’t all poncy nonsense that you’d take days just to find the ingredients for.

They are dishes you actually quite fancy having a go at. It helps that Ms Khoo is very pleasing on the eye (to half the viewers anyway) and Paris is a decent backdrop.

Just one quibble.

When she’s talking to the camera, I wish she’d stop looking at the director off to the left. It’s most disconcerting.