I’M getting a sinking feeling. Something cold is leaving me empty, and I’m really rather disappointed.

In no way am I a Titanorak, who knows every rivet used to hold together the infamous unsinkable ship Titanic.

But I do like a good period drama and was looking forward to Julian Fellowes interpretation of the stricken liner’s maiden voyage, but it’s been far from that.

Writing one of the screen’s best known tales in non-linear format just does not work. Jumping forward and backwards over three weeks, via a dazzling collection of grand hats, and hitting that notorious iceberg on three occasions does not a successful version make.

But it’s not the confusing storytelling that’s leaving me cold.

The repetitive rush to doom gives no chance to get to know – and more importantly care – about the key characters, I’m not even all that fussed whether Jenna-Louise Coleman’s pleasantly-portrayed, fictional maid, who’s had the bulk of the screentime, survives or dies.

Add to that the disturbingly quiet liner – I am quite franky amazed anyone even noticed the engines had stopped, I certainly wasn’t aware they’d started – and some distinctly unimpressive sets and CGI effects, and I am left wondering where ITV spent the series’ reported £11million budget – hopefully on this week’s concluding episode.