IT’S amazing what some people appear to have lying around.

Certainly, if Channel Four’s bizarrely compelling Four Rooms is anything to go by, it would seem there are still plenty of hidden treasures out there.

Four Rooms is basically Antiques Roadshow meets Dragon’s Den with attitude.

Collectors bring in all sorts of strange items and try to persuade the four eccentric dealers to buy them.

This week we had a former TV Gladiator trying to sell an erotic Polaroid of herself and a pair of 100,000-year-old woolly mammoth tusks among the artefacts.

You don’t see Fiona Bruce having to cope with anything like that!

It’s actually not the exhibits which are the most unusual items on the programme.

That honour goes to the owners and the dealers who all seem to be collectors’ items in their own right.

From art dealer Jeffrey. who for some reason wears a tea towel around his neck, to interior designer and would-be Bond girl Celia, you can see how the quartet made the final selection process.

What I don’t understand is if you have a really valuable collector’s piece, which some owners do, why would want to go on TV to try and flog it?

By the way if you have any mammoth tusks the going rate’s around £12k a pair.