OK, I have a confession to make— I am a Big Brother fan.

Yes, that may be as controversial as admitting to killing kittens but I have no shame.

Year one, back in the heady days when it was a ‘social experiment’, kind of passed me by due to a holiday abroad, but ever since I’ve been hooked.

I did struggle with the move to Channel 5 but this year’s crazy cast of housemates have given me the bug once more.

And this year’s twist where — to begin with — they were allowed to talk about nominations gave the show a fresh dynamic. Even after BB banned nomination talk, the attempts to scheme, plot and connive were impressive, although not entirely successful.

With Lydia out — you know, the one with the famous fiance — my allegiance has switched to East Lancs’ housemates Becky and Arron.

They both have flaws: Arron can be rather vain with a bit of a violent undertone, never mind the fact he’s fallen in with the utterly unpleasant Connor, while Becky can sometimes come across as a bit of an actress. But essentially, they are both great to watch.

Rawtenstall’s Arron and Blackburn’s Becky are both up for eviction this week so I’m making a plea to East Lancashire: It’s time to get behind your own and back our new found local stars.