I TRIED, really I did, to find something other than the Olympics around which to base my weekly TV ramblings. But let’s face it, unless you are a diehard Corrie fan, what else has there been to watch?

Of course there will be those who are grumbling that their viewing has been hijacked but to them I have to say where’s your soul?

The coverage of the Olympics has transcended sport, it has been more than ‘mere’ compet-ition and it has certainly been far more than normal TV fare.

You would have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by the sight of exhausted rowing pair Mark Hunter and Zac Purchase apologising to the nation for narrowly missing out on a gold medal or our own Holly Bleasdale, cheeks flushed scarlet, after nerves seemingly got the better of her in the pole vault.

The Beeb surely must be aware of the irony and futlility of their current promo piece they keep interrrupting our viewing with. “Drama on the BBC” intones the voiceove. Sorry, but no matter how many Daleks you line up to face Doctor Who, you’ll never beat the drama which has unfolded at London 2012.