ONE of the great things about the digital TV revolution — apart from never having to watch a single advert again — has to be the whole new world of guilty pleasures that open up to the adventurous viewer.

For less cerebral offerings, I’ve got something of a History Channel addiction.

You’d think that given the channel’s imposing title it would be all kings, queens and little else. But oh no, as the new season’s programmes begin their various runs, it’s been prime ‘American nonsense’ as the better half describes it — wall-to-wall Storage Wars, American Pickers and, best of all, Ice Road Truckers.

Quite what a bunch of exuberant lorry drivers has to do with history I’m not sure but as all fans will tell you, the return of Hugh ‘the Polar Bear’, mercurial Rick Yemm and Alex means plenty of interesting viewing as the nights draw in.

But, sorry boys, it seems we’re not going to sharing our evenings with the delightful Lisa Kelly, the ice road pin-up who appears to be sadly absent from the cab this season.

All we need now is Cash Cowboys and a new series of Wheeler Dealers on Discovery Turbo and the viewing schedule is complete.