SOME of the bells at Bolton Parish Church will be silent for the next six to eight weeks.

They will cease to ring out across Bolton from this weekend as the clappers are removed for refurbishment.

The clappers will be taken to the bell foundry in Loughborough, where they will be worked on.

The striking clock is the only bell that won’t be affected and will continue to chime.

John Walsh, warden of Bolton Parish Church, said: “We have found a period in our diary where we have no weddings so there won’t be any married couples missing their bells.

“The clappers will be taken out this weekend for refurbishment in Loughborough.

“It will take roughly six to eight weeks. The bells will be staying where they are and the clock tower will still strike, but the other bells won’t be ringing out across Bolton for some time.

“We hope to have them ringing again by Easter.”

Bolton Parish Church has 12 bells, all of which were installed in 1974.

The original ring of eight bells was replaced with the eight bells of Saviours Church and Deane Road along with five new trebles.

The trebles were recast from seven of the original eight bells.

The sole tenor bell was retained and hung dead.

It is now only rung electrically for services when the bell ringers are unavailable.

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