BOLTON cycling world champion Jason Kenny returned to his old school to give youngsters the low-down on his hopes for London 2012.

Pupils and teachers from Mount St Joseph gave Jason a grilling to find out what makes the Bolton-born Olympic gold medallist tick.

But despite the hype leading up to the games this month, the 24-year-old insisted his best preparation is keeping his head down in training.

Jason said: “You hear a lot about the mental strain and pressure in sport, but it’s about being physically prepared as well. “It’s not just about the day you compete — it’s the six months or even two years before you spend in training. You have just got to keep your head down and keep working.”

Keeping a low profile seems to suit the cyclist, who says he does not enjoy being in the media spotlight.

He said: “There’s a definite buzz about the Olympics — everyone’s talking about it, but when you’re down at the track you’re away from it and it’s not that bad.

“Chris (Hoy) and Vicky (Victoria Pendleton) seem to soak up all the of the media attention. People don’t really recognise me, but that’s fine.”

The students were keen to know how Jason’s school years at St Joseph’s prepared him for life as an athlete.

He said: “We were lucky to have good teachers in PE and they were always very supportive to me.”

Asked how he discovered his talent for cycling, he replied: “There was no particular point when I discovered it really, you could say I fell into cycling.

“I have always been very competitive and I managed to work my way up to the top level gradually over time.”

Jason won a gold medal in the team sprint with Chris Hoy and Jamie Staff at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

He also won a silver behind teammate Chris Hoy in the final of the individual sprint.

A change in the rules means only one of them can represent Britain in the individual sprint and Jason is yet to find out whether it will be him or Chris Hoy.

He said: “It’s sport at the end of the day and only one person will make it. That’s just the way it goes and you’re in the hands of the selection panel.”