PARENTS claim their son is being failed by the system after waiting three years for a statement of his educational needs.

Carl and Karen Mills say their son Ryan, aged eight, needs to be in a special school — but he cannot get into one until he has a statement.

They believe he would have been blossoming if he was in the right environment.

Instead, they say their son’s health has become increasingly worse because he is in a mainstream school. Ryan’s parents say they were told that he needed a statement in 2008, but they have only now received a draft.

Ryan suffers from anxiety attacks, Tourette syndrome, learning difficulties, social communication impairment, speech and language delays and congenital heart disease.

The couple, from Horwich, are now fighting to get Ryan into Ladywood School in Little Lever.

Mrs Mills said: “Ladywood School is a long way from where we live, but we want the best for Ryan.

“He gets frustrated in school and does not want to go, and he starts having anxiety attacks, but he is a lovely boy when he is settled.

“He, like any other child, deserves the best.”

Mr Mills says there are no places available at Ladywood now, but he has been told there may be a place for Ryan in September.

A spokesman for Bolton Council said the authority could not comment on individual cases, but confirmed that it has a duty of care to ensure that children with special needs are professionally assessed.

The spokesman added: “We are totally focused on making sure that all Bolton pupils get the educational support they need and deserve.

“We take parents’ requests very seriously and respond quickly, while also ensuring the best interests of the child are met.

“In line with national guidelines, decisions regarding children with special educational needs are taken within the statutory 26 weeks of us receiving the original request.”