A SCIENCE writer is over the moon after landing a publishing deal for his first novel.

Graham Keeler, aged 69, of Cranborne Close, Lostock, was delighted when a company said it wanted to publish his book, Stowaway To The Stars.

The retired physics lecturer has had numerous non-fiction books published since the 1980s, but this was his first attempt at a scifi.

Mr Keeler, who worked at the University of Salford for 40 years, said: “I’m over the moon.

It’s been published by a small publishers called Netherworld Books.”

The married father-of-three has always had a passion for science fiction and is fascinated by astrophysics and space travel. He started writing the book several years ago.

Mr Keeler, who has a private pilot’s licence, has written, co-written and edited seven books on microcomputers and physics software.

The protagonist his novel is Larry, from the Galactic Union, who is “genetically human” but is not from Earth.

Mr Keeler said: “The other lead character is Earth girl, Karen, who manages to stow away in his ship. He has got problems and she gets involved in them.

“He is a fugitive and she helps him get his problems sorted.”

He added: “I’ve been an avid sci-fi reader ever since I was young, this story just developed in my mind.

“There’s a follow-up I’ve got in mind.”

Stowaway to the Stars is available to buy from Amazon and Waterstones or visit grahamkeeler.co.uk.