MINIATURE Japanese sculptures are the latest intriguing artefacts on display at Bolton Museum.

The new selection of Chinese and Japanese art includes the museum’s collection of Netsuke — tiny sculptures made of wood and ivory used as a type of toggle to secure pouches on kimonos in 17th century Japan.

They depict a variety of subjects from animals and people to mythical creatures. The Netsuke fox, left, was made about 200 years ago and depicts a fox in a dress and cloak.

Other items being showcased in The Crafts of China and Japan exhibition include a 500-year-old tea bowl and a bronze Buddha made in China between 1550 and 1611.

These objects are shown alongside pieces by British manufacturers and designers who were inspired by the crafts of China and Japan.

A council spokesman said: “We had such a fantastic response to our Victoria and Albert Japanese Cloisonne exhibition, courtesy of Eddie Davies, we thought it would be nice to continue the theme with a selection of our own beautiful objects from Japan and China. We would encourage anyone with a general interest in ceramics and intricate detail to come along and have a look.”

The works will be on display until the end of March.