WE have had a number of publications with loads of (mainly useless) facts regarding the world around us. (For instance, did you know that mashed wasps tastes like scrambles eggs?)

Well, now it’s the turn of Doctor Who as the show approaches it’s 50th birthday.

At 373 pages, this is chock-full of information and contains most of what you’d want to know about The Doctor’s travels (and a heck of a lot of information that even the geekiest fan wouldn’t want to know).

Fans of the show will read this book avidly (as I did), but it could appeal to those with just a slight interest as a lot of the info is interesting.

Did you know that there have been eight different sonic screwdrivers and six TARDISes? No? Neither did I.

The all-important history of the show starts off the book and we also have potted biographies of all the Doctors and the companions.

Lists abound; How many actors have appeared in the show as well as making appearances in the British soaps, Star Trek, Star Wars and Harry Potter.

All 40 ways of defeating Daleks as well a how many times the Daleks have screamed ‘Exterminate!” (No I’m not telling you – read the book. But I will tell you the Daleks have offered to serve drinks more than they have declared themselves the ‘superior beings’ - seven to three).

Every planet visited, why companions have left the Doctor, who operated and supplied voices to the Daleks and of course a full episode listing up to the 2012 Christmas Special – it’s all here.

This has been a real labour of love for the authors, both of whom have written stories about The Doctor and must have watched every episode (and listened to the soundtracks of the missing episodes), as well as going through the books, magazines, audio adventures to come up with all the information – although it must be stressed that the emphasis is on the televised Doctor Who.

Now, that’s just occurred to me… I’d’ve thought they would have listed the missing episodes.

For anyone interested in the show – and let’s face it, it IS an important slice of TV history – should add this to their book collection.

And it’s one that you’ll continue dipping into in the future – or the past, depending on where/when your personal TARDIS takes you.

Published by BBC Books on May 2nd 2013.
ISBN No. 978-1-849-90619-7