MOTHERS who are worried about their children’s safety as they walk to school are calling for action outside a Bolton primary.

The group of concerned parents are now calling for better traffic-calming measures near Masefield Primary School in Little Lever.

One of the mums, Kellie Bolton, was walking to the school with her two children when her four-year-old daughter Lexi Bell was almost hit by a car that mounted the pavement on April 21.

During busy school drop-off times, moving and parked cars converge in Masefield Road, Marsh Road, Ainsworth Road and Lancaster Drive, she said.

Miss Bolton, aged 35, said: “A car was driving along the pavement and nearly hit Lexi.

“There were privets on the cornerso we couldn’t see the driver and they couldn’t see us, but Lexi was on the pavement and should be safe there.

“This happens regularly during drop-off times. The problem is that people park along Masefield Drive so cars then mount the pavement to either drive along it or park.

“It’s dangerous and it’s only a matter of time until someone is hurt.”

Miss Bolton reported the incident to the police and a PCSO is going to help monitor the traffic.

A Bolton Council spokesman said: “Anyone seeing a motorist driving dangerously should report the incident to the police, who will deal with it appropriately. If the problem persists, the council can look at preventative measures such as placing bollards on pavements.

“However, local residents must agree to these restrictions and on narrow streets this may affect their ability to park outside their own homes.”

The council also uses its Smart camera car to enforce parking outside schools. Masefield headteacher Liz Thomasson said “discourteous” drivers were a problem during drop-off times.

She said: “Due to sharing a site with Ladywood Special School, there’s double the school traffic on Masefield Road and we have no parent parking available. Just as our parents and carers have dropped off our pupils, a fleet of minibuses with their youngsters arrive at Ladywood from quite a wide area.

“Additionally the Ainsworth Road and Marsh Road junction appears to be becoming a rat run for drivers coming up Lancaster Drive, creating a sharp zig-zag. This is a worry for the safety of Masefield children and their families.”