A SCHOOL wind turbine is blighting the lives of residents and should be pulled down, a meeting has been told.

Residents in Amber Grove, Westhoughton, say they have suffered from a catalogue of problems since the turbine was put up at The Gates Primary School.

They say the turbine is an eyesore and issues include noise, poor television reception, bad phone signal and reflections from the blades likened to a strobe light.

The group of nine residents also told Westhoughton Town Council they were not consulted by the school about the plans for the turbine.

A spokesman for the group said parents of pupils were informed by letter but that residents at the top end of the cul-de-sac, who do not have youngsters at the school, were not told.

He said: “It has caused so much disruption to our lives on a quiet cul-de-sac. My own thought is it should be removed as we were not consulted in the first place.

Our views have not been taken into account whereas other residents in other locations have had their views taken into account.”

A nearby taxi firm is also believed to have had problems with their radios due to the turbine, the meeting heard. The 18-metre turbine at the school in Bristle Hall Way was given approval by Bolton Council in May 2010.

Cllr David Wilkinson, for Hoskers and Hart Common, said: “Those with experience in planning will know that planning applications don’t always get built the way they have been proposed. We need to ask planning to ensure that everything that was applied for has been complied with.”

The school said it did not think it would be possible to relocate the turbine.

Headteacher Kathryn Coiffait said: “While we are very sorry that the turbine has caused distress to our neighbours, the planning process was led by Bolton Council and we are aware that there was wide consultation and all legal requirements were fully met.

“We hope we can work with relevant agencies to address residents’ concerns.”

Cllr Kevan Jones, who was chairing the meeting at Westhoughton Town Hall, said the town council would write to Bolton Council to raise residents’ concerns.

A planning officer has since met with the spokesman to discuss the issues and Bolton Council has said it will review the original planning documents.