A TALENTED musician completed a recording project he was working on for a friend before leaving his home and hanging himself, an inquest heard.

Deputy coroner Alan Walsh was told how 30-year-old Christopher Evans was last seen by his parents, David and Kay Evans, when he left their home in Barrisdale Close, Ladybridge, on the evening of May 20.

Mr Evans said his son was determined to complete the album he was producing.

“He was very adamant he had a deadline that day. He posted the files to the person who needed them, went out and didn’t return,” said Mr Evans.

“We presumed he had gone down to the Dog and Partridge to have a drink and meet his mates.”

However, a dog walker came across the musician’s body on open land near Overdale Cemetery at 7am the following morning.

The court heard that Mr Evans was an accomplished musician who had toured the country playing with a Christian group as a teenager and went on to work on adverts and films as well as writing and recording his own songs.

Mr Walsh was told that he often worked long hours and could get very stressed, and 18 months ago he suffered a breakdown which left him unable to speak for a time.

In February he spilt with Foteini Sanothraki, his girlfriend of three years, although the decision to break up was mutual and they remained friends.

But Miss Sanothraki told the court that Mr Evans was upset when he learnt she had started a new relationship in April.

On May 19 he had gone to her house with friends, but refused to stay when he discovered her new partner was there.

Mr Walsh heard that, when he died, Mr Evans had not taken any alcohol or drugs.

He left no note and there is no evidence that he contacted anyone after leaving his house on May 20.

Recording a verdict that Mr Evans took his own life, Mr Walsh told Miss Sanothraki that she had been entitled to move on with her life and was not responsible for her former partner’s actions.

He added that Mr Evans had thought through killing himself, his judgement was not impaired and he had chosen a secluded place he knew well.

“He was an extremely talented young man and I can’t stress the waste and sadness over his death,” he added.

After the inquest Mr Evans' father spoke for the family when he said: “We’ll miss him.”