MODEL Rhian Sugden has spoken out about proposals to ban “lads’ mags” from supermarket shelves.

Rhian, from Radcliffe, says the country is going “censorship crazy” adding: “If you don’t like it, don’t look at it.”

Co-operative bosses have threatened publishers of lads’ magazines with an outright ban from their 4,000 stores unless they cover up front covers using “modesty bags”.

The retail group has already started to cover up magazines such as Loaded and Nuts with black screens to stop them being visible to children.

Miss Sugden said: “I find it insane that the Co-op is going to ban lads’ magazines from display, but they’re okay with the women’s gossip magazines showing girls in bikinis, calling celebs fat or anorexic, nit picking and circling women’s flaws.

“They’re also okay with newspapers that have the words ‘rape’ and ‘paedos’ scrawled across the front, but lads magazines with a girl in a bikini covering herself needs to be hidden away?

“I appreciate that parents don’t want their children to see nudity, but I think it’s out of order that they’re choosing to penalise the lads’ mags when there are more disturbing images on other publications and the internet.

“I would understand if the front covers were topless or nude, but models on the covers of these magazines are covered up, either by a bikini or hands.”

Miss Sugden, aged 26, who gave up her job in Bury as a network administrator after being accepted into the Samantha Bond Agency which deals with Page Three models, has appeared in numerous publications since 2006.

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant added: “This is all because feminist groups and a minority of people have decided they don’t want to see it anymore, saying that glamour models are degrading women — yet these people are trying tell us what we can and can’t do as a career choice.

“Obviously it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but if you don’t like it, don’t look at it, simple as that. The world is going censorship crazy.“ Steve Murrells, chief executive for retail for the Co-operative Group, said: “As an interim measure, we have introduced our own opaque screens on shelves to reinforce our existing policy limiting the display of such material.

“The publishers of these magazines now have until September 9 to start providing their own modesty bags, after which any lads’ magazine which does not have the relevant bag will not be supplied in our stores.”