A QUICK-thinking dad helped free a child who had become stuck between a slide and railings in a park — by using goose fat.

Danny Jackson, aged 28, was at Old Station Park, in Horwich, with his daughter Lily, aged four, at the weekend when he realised another young girl had got stuck high up between railings and the top of the slide.

The girl, who was of similar age to Mr Jackson’s daughter, was there with her worried father and grandmother.

Mr Jackson, who is a food delivery driver, ran to his van and grabbed some goose fat to help free the girl, before the fire brigade arrived.

Mr Jackson, from Blackrod, said: “I was at the park with my daughter Lily and a lady came over and said a little girl was stuck.

“She had been standing on the rim of the slide at the top and had got jammed between the slide and railings.

“She couldn’t move and she was panicking and tensing up and getting more stuck.

“I remembered that I had some oil in the van so ran over to get it, but saw a tub of goose fat and thought that would be better.

“We all smothered it around the slide and the girl, and she slid down within seconds.

“Her dad tried to offer me money for it, but I wasn’t bothered about that — I just wanted to help get the poor girl down.

“The firemen joked when they arrived that they should carry a pot of it in the back of their engine.”

Craig Lunt, watch manager at Horwich Fire Station, said: “On Saturday at around 3pm we got called out to a four-year-old girl who had got stuck on a slide at a park.

“As we got there someone had already released her by taking off her coat and using goose fat.

“I found it strange at the time but it was definitely a good call.

“I’ve informed Bolton Council about it and they said they were going to have a look at the slide to see if there are any safety problems.”

A council spokesman said they had been informed about the incident and went to inspect the site but found no fault with the equipment.