MORE than 30 cyclists were caught breaking the law in a two-day crackdown in Bolton town centre.

Police ran Operation Grimaldi on Friday and Saturday to reduce the number of crashes involving cyclists and educate them on the rules of the road.

They handed £50 fines to 27 cyclists riding on the pavement on Friday and to another 11 cyclists on Saturday.

They were all given the opportunity to have the fines cancelled by attending a road safety presentation at Bolton Central fire station and 13 people went on Friday.

They watched CCTV footage of cyclists carrying out dangerous manoeuvres, were educated on how to be a safe rider, and were given a fluorescent jacket.

Traffic PCSO Gareth Walker said: “We are pleased that we have enforced the road safety message for cyclists that don’t necessarily know what they are doing is wrong.

“It’s their choice whether they go to the road safety presentation or pay the fixed penalty notice.

“At the road safety presentation, there have been people upset that the fine was £50, but they did have the choice to listen to the presentation and try to change their cycling habits and get the ticket cancelled.”

Cycling offences can include riding under the influence of alcohol and drugs, “inconsiderate cycling”, cycling on a pathway and failing to comply with a traffic sign.

Children under the age of 16 who were seen cycling dangerously were given advice by the police.

While they were carrying out the operation, three motorists using their mobile phones while driving were also given £100 fines and had three points added to their driving licences.

Police also caught 17 speeding motorists in Hulton Lane, Bolton. They visited the area after concerns were raised by people living nearby.

The operation was run by the police, fire service, Bolton Council and Transport For Greater Manchester.