WHEN you think of hip-hop stars names like Eminem and Jay-Z may spring to mind . . . but what about MC Danny Smash?

Never heard of him? Well, he is the face of a tongue-in-cheek music video, B-Town, that extols the virtues of Bolton through the medium of rap.

Tupac had Los Angeles, Eminem has Detroit and Danny Smash has Bolton.

The track was produced and written by Tony Sabanskis, aged 40, from Breightmet, who is also known as BBP — he created the song and video as part of a project for his course in media writing and production at Bolton University.

B-Town has racked up more than 2,000 hits on YouTube. It was made for the project Bolton Storyworld, which was run through the university and challenged students to come up with an “immersive imaginary version of modern-day Bolton”.

Mr Sabanskis joked that after writing the lyrics he needed to call on a “big time gangster rapper” to front the video, so he looked to his pal Danny Smash, a former security guard from Breightmet.

He said: “The lyrics and music got sorted quite quickly, but I wanted Danny to do the rap because he is a big name on the hip-hop scene in Bolton — in the past his lyrics have got him in trouble with other rappers like Vanilla Ice and Professor Green.”

Mr Sabanskis’s affectionate tribute to Bolton includes the lyrics: “There’s a big aerial looking over the tops — and if you’re hungry then we’ve got chip shops” and “Our football team is one of the best — in the lower divisions, but nevertheless”.

The video, which won the Bolton Storyworld competition, also features a catchy chorus with the lyrics B to the O to the L to the T to the O N.

Mr Sabanskis has been working in music for 15 years and will be entering his second year at the University of Bolton next month as a mature student.

He is hoping to follow on from the success of B-Town with a Christmas single, We’re Having A Smashing B-Town Xmas, which he believes could do well in the charts.

He said: “I have to accept that The X Factor single will probably get to number one, but I have high hopes of us being at number two for Christmas. Maybe we need a Facebook campaign.”

MC Danny Smash added: “I just want to put it out there that I am available to turn on the Christmas lights in Bolton if called upon.”