A ROW has broken out over rubbish dumped in Great Lever.

Neighbours living in homes in Marlbrook Walk, which are managed by Bolton at Home, say fly-tippers are dumping rubbish next to the bin cages.

But Bolton Council insists the problems have been caused by a “minority” of residents not recycling their waste properly.

Alan Reade, aged 77, whose nephew lives on the estate, said: “I went outside to put the rubbish away and found 22 bags of rubbish on top of the bins.

“I spent ages clearing up and then half-an-hour later there were three more bags.

“Give it another three or four days and the binmen won’t be able to get in there.

“This has been going on for two years, and still nobody seems to want to take responsibility.”

Council inspectors visited the housing complex and said there was no evidence of fly-tipping.

A local authority spokesman said: “There is a variety of housing on the estate and not every tenant is able to have their own bin so there is a lockable bin store to which every resident has a key.

“Residents are expected to recycle their waste properly using the bins provided in the store.

“It would appear that a minority of tenants on the estate have chosen not to recycle their waste properly and are not using the bins provided.”

Council staff are now working with people living in the homes to explain the importance of recycling.

And enforcement officers will also visit the estate to find “ways to resolve the waste problems on the estate”.

Bolton Council will also meet with Bolton at Home to look at ways of solving the rubbish problem.