A FILMMAKER from Bolton has appeared at a road safety summit alongside England football legend Gary Lineker.

Thorrun Govind, aged 21, made a mini-documentary about the importance of road safety among young and inexperienced drivers two years ago.

And now the student, who studies at Kings College, London, has attended Fixers Road Takeover, an initiative backed by the former Tottenham striker as well as actor Tyger Drew-Honey from the BBC show Outnumbered.

The event on September 4, organised by Fixers, a website for young people, allowed people to speak out on road safety.

Miss Govind said: “Overall, I think the problem is a lack of education.

“Driving is a life long skill so why aren’t schools teaching road safety to young people?

“As an individual, we all have responsibility to others.

“Driving safely is just as important as respecting one another.

“If diversity is taught in schools, then road safety should be.”

A nationwide survey conducted by Fixers showed that 95 per cent of young people think road safety education should be compulsory.

In addition, nine out of 10 think there should be a zero alcohol limit for new drivers and that parents should be more involved in the learner driver process.

Mr Lineker said: “It’s great that Fixers is giving young people a voice on the important issue of road safety. The idea of Fixers is brilliant not just for young people but for the older generation too, as we don’t always listen enough to our youngsters.”

Mr Drew-Honey added: “Young people don’t have as much of a say as they should. That’s why Fixers is fantastic because it is giving young people a say in how the process of learning to drive can be made safer, and in turn they are helping to reduce the number of young fatalities on the road.”

Miss Govind’s 10-minute documentary features an interview with the sister of a car crash fatality and a mock driving test for an already qualified driver.