IT was a case of ‘you are what you eat’ as the Bromley Cross Incredible Edible group hosted its tasty Home Grown Bash.

The voluntary group, which was set up 12 months ago, promotes a community approach to the growing and sourcing of locally produced food — and Saturday’s event was a celebration of all things home grown.

Visitors to Birtenshaw Village Hall could sample jams, chutneys, milks and pickles, fruit and veg — as well as watch a hive of bees in action making honey and chickens laying eggs.

Live music was also performed by Chris Doogle and Patrick O’Brien who took to the stage to entertain visitors.

The group also showcased their new spoof video You’ve Been Chived, which follows the group being given a secret mission to plant chives all around the area before nightfall.

One of the organisers, Sharon English, said: “It was a really enjoyable day. There was lots of gardening and growing — people wanting to get involved with growing themselves.

“It was called Home Grown Bash and our aim was to celebrate what we have done over the past year since we started. It’s quite an old fashioned idea really.

“We got a really good reception for our video too.

“We had growers showing off their home grown eggs, milk, jams and pickles — we even had a bee keeper who came to show the kids how bees make their honey.

“We had a Smoothie Bike which went down well with the kids — they had to pedal for their smoothie. The milk was provided by the local milkman and it was delicious.

“We also had chickens running around for people to have a look at.

“A local food bank came along too, and we asked for food donations off visitors rather than an entrance fee.”

Ms English now hopes that more local people will get involved with gardening and growing themselves.

She said: “I think that once people know who we are and see what we are doing they will support it. It’s about being aware of what we have on our doorstep.”