A GREAT grandad is celebrating after scooping a £1 million lottery win.

Malcolm Talbot, aged 72, from Bradley Fold, says he is now looking forward to dream celebrations for his 51st wedding anniversary - and a special party for his wife, Rhona, who is planning a 70th birthday party later this year.

The lucky couple have previously enjoyed a few small wins, but have never had a big prize before.

Mr Talbot, who has three children, six grandchildren and five great grandchildren, said: “Rhona and I have both had health problems and really need to move to a bungalow but this is something which we never believed we would be able to afford to do.

"We are really struggling with the stairs and are finding our current home increasingly impractical.

“This win couldn’t have come at a better time, as it will enable us to buy our dream bungalow.

"We will stay in the Bolton area as we love it here. Moving will really help us both in terms of our health and will really improve our quality of life.”

Mr and Mrs Talbot were checking their EuroMillions ticket on TV when they discovered they had won.

He said: “I had returned home from Dobbies Social Club after watching a football match and started to check the ticket on the television.

“I shouted to Rhona to get her glasses because I was convinced I had matched the raffle code.

"I asked Rhona to read the code back to me and then I asked her to read it again and then I just shouted: 'We’ve won. We’ve won one million pounds!'

“Rhona just told me not to be silly and we both just sat staring at the television and then the reality that the code on the television matched our ticket started to sink in.

"We then started to realise that we were millionaires.”

To celebrate the couple then opened a bottle of champagne which they have had for more than three years.

The couple, who have been together since Rhona was 17, say they will also be treating all of their family.

Mr Talbot said: “I definitely won’t be stopping playing.

“I have been feeling lucky recently and I just had a gut instinct that something good was going to happen to Rhona and I after all of our health problems – and my gut instinct was so very right.

“I didn’t however expect the luck to be that we would become millionaires. This is just the most fantastic feeling and beyond anything that I could ever have dreamed of.”

Mrs Talbot, who celebrates her 70th birthday on Christmas Eve, said: “The news still hasn’t sunk in.

"We just want to take time to relax and think about what has happened to us. It is just like one big amazing dream.

“I think we will probably go on a special holiday and a cruise along the Rhine in Germany is something which we would both love to do.”

She added: “My sister bought me a bottle of champagne three years ago and I have refused to open it. I have always said to Malcolm I want to leave this for a special occasion.

“There couldn’t be anything more special than winning £1 million. We cracked it open and then sat and drank the bottle in the kitchen together.

“I always remember Malcolm saying to me when we were courting, one day we will buy a car, one day we will go on holiday abroad and one day we will win the lottery – and now we have. It is just unbelievable.”

The pair won in the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle on Tuesday, September 17.

The winning code was VHJ191925.