NOGGI has been a hairdresser in Bolton for 25 years which is amazing as he tells everyone he is only 29!

We asked him how things had changed over the years he has been at the cutting edge of business.

“Whilst I now mainly do ladies’ hair, I still have my regular and long-standing male clients who book in by appointment.

“I started off as a junior in the men’s salon at Headhunters, which was in Bradshawgate, next to a billiard hall.

“I did nothing but men’s hair and it was, in the main, straightforward short back and sides, but with the occasional different style.”

“Styles come and go, but like all fashion they make a come back sooner or later.

“I remember well the 80s longer mullet and then the back perm showcased by footballers Kevin Keegan, Chris Waddle, and Glen Hoddle generating a style that swept the nation and for some reason associated with Merseyside . . . calm down, calm down!

“Pop groups always led the way from the Beatles with their basin cuts and fringes to the Human League with their asymmetrical long fringes and short back and sides, these styles in one form or another are all coming back into modern fashion.

“David Beckham has sported every style possible at some stage in his career with shorter styles including fades, quiffs and the classic side parting comb over and as always sets trends for a lot of male clients.” Noggi added that there is a definite trend towards longer styled hair on men including layers and side fringes giving a different spin off the normal short back and sides.

“Many of our male clients aren’t sure about having cuts in the main salon so we are opening ‘the men’s salon’ downstairs with three TVs, the day’s papers, magazines and a fridge.”

Book in with men’s team leader Craig Henderson and assistant Kieran Loughran.

Men’s cuts start from £6.