THE University of Bolton's student union has banned the controversial song Blurred Lines - becoming the sixth university to do so.

The track will not be played in any of the university’s buildings or any event connected to the establishment.

Kingston University, Edinburgh University, Leeds University, Derby University and West Scotland University have all banned the popular hit due to its alleged misogynistic lyrics.

The song is accompanied by a controversial and sexy promotional video starring models Emily Ratajkowski and Elle Evans, who parade nearly naked with singer Thicke and producer Pharrell Williams.

American-Canadian Robin Thicke’s smash-hit has been heavily criticised since its release for its references to sexism and non-consensual sex.

Blurred Lines has been a worldwide hit, with more than five million sales in 22 weeks in the US alone and has reached number one in the UK.

Bolton’s University President for 2013-14, Adam Johnson, said: “Bolton’s student union has banned Blurred Lines due to the increasing amount of e-mails received by student president networks from across the country.”

Mr Johnson, aged 22, who graduated in sports development this year, has asked DJs at university events to refrain from playing the tune.

Mr Johnson added: “The song will not be played in any building or event connected to the university.

“We felt this was the right thing to do because of the increasing number of other universities choosing to do so. We have followed suit.”