A WOMAN was stabbed six times in the back in a frenzied attack in a Farnworth street by man who is thought to be her partner.

It is thought the woman was attacked by the man with a knife at about 2.40pm this afternoon in Highfield Road.

Her attacker then turned the knife on himself, it is understood.

Police and ambulances were scrambled to the street in chaotic scenes as children were leaving the nearby St James High School.

The woman, who is thought to be a dinner lady and in her early 50s, was airlifted to Wythenshawe Hospital, while the man was taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary, but police said neither of the injured people, who are thought to be a couple, suffered life-threatening injuries.

Forensic experts were combing the scene and Highfield Road was closed between Lucas Road and Marsh Lane while police investigated the attack.

Police said they are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident, and that rumours of other people being involved were not true.

A 27-year-old Highfield Road resident said: “The woman was stabbed six times in the back after a man pulled a knife out.

"The woman ran into a garden and started losing consciousness. A neighbour was helping her.

"I got home and saw the cordon up and did not know what had happened. It’s usually fairly quiet around here near to the school.”

The air ambulance landed on fields owned by St James’ High School.

Witnesses said pupils left school shortly after the incident took place and some were crying after seeing all the emergency vehicles.

Many children were told to take different routes home because of the road closures.

One woman, who did not want to be named, said: “I live at the back of the school’s field and I saw a helicopter lowering.

"I knew it must have been something more serious than a pupil being injured. I came out of the house and the ambulance was still where the stabbing happened.

"I saw the man sat up with something covering his chest like he had been stabbed there.

"The woman was lying down and didn’t look in a good way. I didn’t hear any sirens at all.

“The ambulance drove around the school then came up Lucas Road and went onto the field to get to the ambulance.

"I am not surprised about what has happened. I think this sort of thing will be happening more and more.”

She said she saw a weapon being bagged up by police.

Tom Smith, aged 40, from Farnworth, said: “I walk my dog in this area all the time and I am really surprised about what has happened.

"You hear of some trouble in the area now and again but nothing like a stabbing.

"I have heard the woman works as a dinner lady.

"It is frightening to have something like this happen close to home and at a time when hundreds of kids are leaving school.

"The area was crazy when the kids were let out. A lot were taking pictures and wondering what was going on. Some were crying.”