YOUNGSTERS in Bolton organised a barbeque and football event to raise money for the relief effort in war-torn Syria.

More than 200 people attended the event, at Hibbert Community Centre.

The key instigators behind the charity day were a group of young boys who call themselves the Lena Corner Boys or the LCB who hail from the Blackburn Road area.

They worked closely with staff at community centre as well as other groups to put on the event that involved football tournaments.

Hanif Ali, community centre manager, said: “This was a very proud day for the community.

“The local youngsters, who can sometimes be viewed in a negative way, have proven that given the opportunity they can be responsible contributors to society.”

One of the LCB group, Adam Munshi, of Thorn Street, said: “We thought we should do something for the people of Syria after seeing all the shocking pictures on the news each night and we approached local community leaders to help.”