AN investigation has been launched by the Health and Safety Executive after an engineer suffered serious injuries when he was trapped by a lift he was repairing.

The public body, which is responsible for regulating and enforcing workplace health, safety and welfare, also said an investigator had been to Elizabeth House to consider whether there are grounds to prosecute.

The 34-year-old man, who works for German multi-national engineering firm ThysennKrupp, was airlifted to Wythenshawe hospital after getting stuck in the lift on Monday morning.

A call was made to the fire service just before 11am reporting banging and screaming below the lift.

Fire crews from Bolton Central, Bolton North and Leigh fire stations attended the incident, along with an air ambulance helicopter, paramedics and police.

It is still not clear how exactly the accident happened - conflicting reports from the emergency services described the man as either falling under the lift or the lift moving upwards and trapping him above it.

The man suffered severe injuries to his left arm and right leg.

A spokesman for the HSE said: “The Health and Safety Executive is investigating the incident which happened on Monday in Bolton town centre.

"An investigator has been down to the site, and at the end of the investigation they will decide whether to take any further action.”

Elizabeth House in Back Spring Gardens is home to the Job Centre and Bolton's Department for Work and Pensions staff.

A spokesman for Telereal Trillium, which manages the building, said: “We are currently examining the cause of this accident and will provide further information when we have concluded our investigations.”

ThysennKrupp, which has an office in Leigh, refused to comment.