DOUGIE Freedman says he was never approached in 20 years as a footballer to fix a match and has not seen it happen first-hand either.

The Scot admits he is disappointed with the allegations of match-fixing in English football that have reportedly seen former Wanderers forward Delroy Facey arrested as one of six men in connection with possible incidents as part of an ongoing investigation by the new National Crime Agency.

But he says nobody should make a judgment until any case has been proven, believing the British game still has huge integrity.

“Obviously, it is disappointing to hear the allegations of match-fixing,” he said.

“I would not like to comment until things have been proven, really.

“I can only speak from my own experiences and in the 20-odd years I was playing I was never once asked to take a bribe or whatever the allegations are and I have never seen it first-hand.

“I find it very difficult to accept it to be honest but I am not in the shoes of some people who may have been asked.

“Until a verdict comes out, it’s difficult for me to comment on something that may have been made up.”