A FESTIVE shopper got more than she bargained for when a diamond ring sprouted up during her pre-Christmas food shop.

Hannah Kennedy, aged 23, from Kearsley, was sifting through sprouts at Bolton market when she spotted a shiny object.

She said: “I was shopping with my step-dad and we were picking out sprouts when I saw it.

“I was really surprised and I thought it was a key ring, but then I realised it was a diamond ring.

“I have lost jewellery in the past and it is horrible so I really hope we can find the owner.”

Miss Kennedy launched a social media campaign to re-unite the ring with its rightful owner, messaging key Bolton establishments on Twitter, including The Bolton News.

She has shrewdly opted not to give out a description of the piece for fear of fraudsters trying to claim it.

The 23-year-old added: “I don’t want to describe the ring because then anybody could call up and say ‘that sounds like mine’ so we want to hear people’s descriptions of it first to make sure they are genuine.”

The ring was found in the sprouts section of the Strawberry Garden fruit and vegetable stall.

The manager of Strawberry Garden Shazad Akhtar said he and his staff wanted to help find the ring’s owner.

He added: “I know that these things have sentimental value for people and so we would like to help in any way that we can.

“If anyone wants to come to the stall and enquire then they can.”

The Bolton News would like to invite anyone who believes that the lost ring belongs to them to call our newsdesk on 01204 537271.