DIVERS from Bolton “clowned around” during a themed diving trip.

Bolton Area Divers organised the trip to the Capernwray Diving Centre in Lancashire for an underwater circus diving event.

Members of the diving group, who meet at the Brownlow Business Park, dressed as clowns and lion tamers while walking tightropes and juggling — all while under the water.

Group director Shereen Roberts said: “This was a good chance for everyone to get together and have fun, whilst trying out something new under the water.

“We usually do something fun at Christmas, in the past we have had an underwater disco but this was suggested because some members of the group do some circus training.”

Bolton Area Divers has more than 250 people signed up to the group and are on the look out for new members.

If anyone is interested in coming along to try a dive they are encouraged to call Shereen on 07900 470560 or email diving@boltonarea divers.co.uk