A SCIENCE teacher at a Bolton school has been arrested on suspicion of preparing for acts of terrorism in war-torn Syria.

Jamshed Javeed, who teaches at Sharples High School, was arrested by the police's regional counter terrorism unit during the Christmas holidays.

The 29-year-old, who lives in Levenshulme, Manchester, was arrested on suspicion of engaging in conduct in preparation for terrorist acts in Syria.

Javeed, who taught years seven to 11, was arrested on Sunday, December 22 and has been bailed until March 5.

He has been suspended from his job while police investigate his travel to the Middle East.

It is understood that Javeed has not travelled to Syria, but is alleged to have been preparing to do so.

The violence in war-torn Syria started in March, 2011.

Since then, more than 100,000 are estimated to have died in the clashes between President Bashar al-Assad's government and rebel forces who want him out.

A police spokesman said: “The investigation focuses on concerns over an individual travelling to Syria for purposes that are as yet unknown, but are believed to potentially involve terrorism.

"There is nothing to suggest that any of the wider community in Manchester has been under threat.


“There is no evidence at this time to suggest this is in any way related to the man's profession.

"Greater Manchester Police are working closely with the school to alleviate concerns of students, parents and the community."

Javeed's father last night said his son was not at the family home in Levenshulme.

He said he did not want to comment on the case without his son there.

A neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: "I'm shocked. I don't know the family but I say hello to them in the street and they seem like nice people."

The man said the family had lived at the address for "a number of years".

Sharples School headteacher Rachel Quesnel said: “I have taken the decision, along with the chair of governors, to suspend the teacher from his teaching duties in order that a full investigation can take place.

"We are working closely with the police to ensure that the situation is resolved as quickly as possible.”

The school has sent a letter to parents informing them of the teacher’s arrest.

In it, Mrs Quesnel said: “Mr Javeed, who is one of our science teachers, was arrested and is currently on bail, but not charged, as part of an investigation into concerns around possible travelling to Syria for reasons as yet unknown.

"I want to reassure you that there is no suggestion that Mr Javeed’s alleged activities have involved anyone at the school or the school itself in any way whatsoever.

"However, because we take the welfare of our pupils very seriously, we are ensuring that that those who wish to are offered the opportunity to discuss any concerns regarding Mr Javeed.”

She adds: “Please be assured that there is no evidence to suggest that Mr Javeed’s alleged actions are related to his role as teacher at Sharples School, nor is there anything to suggest that our pupils or the wider community have been under any kind of risk.”