AMIR Khan’s wife Faryal has had her first radio interview and revealed the couple cannot wait to become parents.

She also told Noreen Khan on the BBC Asian Network that although she does not believe in love at first sight, she fell in love with Amir as a person, and could not believe how respectful and humble he was.

Despite being yet to complete her masters in political science and journalism, she said her dream to become a corporate lawyer has been put on hold while she concentrates on impending motherhood.

She also hopes to release a make-up range for Asian skin.

The 22-year-old said: “I’m really excited, it’s amazing. A blessing. I have seen Amir change so much. He’s looking after me and being concerned. I can’t wait for the baby to come along.”

Faryal met Amir in New York, and after a whirlwind romance the pair married in two lavish ceremonies last year.

When asked whether she thought she would end up in Bolton, she said: “No never. Especially Bolton. It has been difficult but now when I’m there I miss here and when I’m here I miss my home in the UK.

“We met when he was doing a Prada shoot in New York City and I was around at the time. During that time we went for dinner with mutual friends and since then we kept in touch and became really good friends.

“He says he believes in love at first sight but I don’t really believe in that. I really liked him as a person. I couldn’t imagine how humble he was. A respectful guy. It really made me fall in love with him.”

Since the announcement of her pregnancy, Faryal has put her career dreams on hold.

She added: “I do want to start my own business with a few make-up products. I want to do it for all the Asian girls. Our skin tone is different. It would be nice to do something for them.

“I still have my masters left to complete and I always said that I was going to go back. I always wanted to be a corporate lawyer but I can’t go back now I’m pregnant. My first priority is my child.”