BOLTON has been going “barmy” — in a debate about bread.

More than 700 people took to The Bolton News’ Facebook page to join in with the discussion.

It was sparked by Bolton bakery Warburton’s.

The family firm posted a lighthearted quiz on its Facebook page, asking people what they like to call their favourite bread-based product.

And, controversially, Warbies did not even include “barm” as one of its four options — instead preferring rolls, baps, cobs or “other”.

So we asked the Bolton public what they call this particular product — and they replied in their thousands.

And those who responded from this fair town were overwhelmingly in favour of — barm.

Anthony Barry, from Bolton, said: “Barm. You wouldn't go in a chippy and ask for a chip teacake would you.”

Dawnie Atkinson added: “A muffin is sweet, like you get in Costa or Starbucks. A cob is crusty. A roll is longer and this is nothing but a Balm. End of.”

Karl Dalglish, from Farnworth, wrote: “It is and always will be a barm cake. End of.”

Brad Hooton, from Bolton, said: “It's a barm. Fact.”

Steven Greenhalgh said: “It’s a barm unless you're from Blackburn when its a tea cake, which makes no sense because they have currants in.”

Aaron Robinson said: “BARM CAKE regardless of where your from its a BARM!”

Bolton’s famous pastie barm even got a mention.

Emma Kennedy said: “In Bolton it is a barm cake.....always has been. It's a Boltonian thing — pastie barm.”

Gill Young added: “Barm cake yummy with a Carrs pastie in the middle.”

But some Boltonians disagreed.

Geoff Morris said: “Barm Cake is Manc, Flour Cake is Boltonian. Woe betide anyone saying barm cake in front of my mam, she'd tell em straight stone faced.”

Several readers felt so strongly about the issue they even felt the need to put pen to paper about the issue.

Derek Sharples from Breightmet wrote: “I can never call them anything but flour cake, good with bacon, egg, cheese, ham, beef, tinned fish, tomatoes, chips and chick (seperately, or all if you wish).

“I prefer the brown ones from the excellent pie shop oppositie Morrisons.”