FORMER skipper Kevin Davies may now be wearing the white shirt of Preston rather than Bolton but the family tradition of scoring goals for Wanderers is alive and kicking.

In the academy ranks at Lostock, there is a ‘mini Davo’ in the shape of son Lucas who is following in dad’s foosteps and keeping the link going.

And after netting a brace for the Under-10s side at Manchester United on Sunday in an 8-5 victory, it is clear Lucas has inherited dad’s knack for finding the net.

The 10-year-old has been playing for the academy side for 18 months and proud father Kevin watches every game he can.

“Lucas was very proud to be asked to sign for Bolton and follow in his dad’s footsteps,” said Kevin.

“He is an attack-minded player, although youngsters are encouraged at his age to play in different positions to help develop a better understanding of the game.

“The high standard of coaching he and all the boys receive at the academy has seen them develop into a great little team who are very hard to beat.

“I attend most training sessions and games and love to see them play and develop with a smile on their faces.

“It is not about results at this age but they are a hard working team who are very proud to pull on the BWFC shirt and represent the club against elite teams like Manchester United.

“Coach Stuart Cowling and the U9s coach Chris Jaques have high standards and make it a warm, friendly and family environment to allow the boys to flourish and enjoy playing football which, for me, is what it is all about at their age and, indeed, mine.”

At such a young age, Lucas is yet to decide whether he will play as a striker like dad. Mum Emma is even unsure if being a footballer will be his future career.

But for the moment, he is enjoying playing and aspiring to dad’s legacy of more than 400 appearances in his decade at Wanderers.

Emma said: “It was a big decision for us as it’s a huge commitment.

“Lucas is very proud of his dad and how hard he has worked, but Kevin tries not to interfere too much.

“We never push Lucas as we just want him to be happy and have fun playing football.

“I sometimes think its harder for footballers’ kids because they are compared to their dad, but he says he wants to be a footballer. I am not sure I would want him to do that but it’s entirely up to him.

“He has the talent, all he needs is the desire, dedication and focus like his dad, who has had 22 seasons as a professional now and still working hard.”