THE man behind the villains which have turned Doctor Who’s world upside down will be in Bolton tomorrow.

Neill Gorton, founder and cocreator of Millennium FX, has created everything from the Sontarans to the Cybermen since the series returned to the television screens in 2005.

He will be taking up a visiting professorship at the University of Bolton.

The BAFTA-winner is internationally renowned for his prosthetics and make-up studio behind some of television and film’s most loved and famous characters.

He worked on The Day Of The Doctor which marked the 50th anniversary of the Timelord. His company has also worked with Hollywood directors including Stephen Spielberg, Ridley Scott and Peter Jackson on films such as Saving Private Ryan, The Hobbit and the multi-award-winning Gravity.

He will be delivering his first session to the University of Bolton’s special effects (SFX) students, who will witness how he transforms a person into a BAFTAwinning calibre alien or monster.

In the afternoon, Neill will talk about the students’ work and projects, giving industry tips and advice. He will then take to the stage for a question-and-answer session.

Simon Wiggins, programme leader for the BDes (Hons) in special effects development, said: “This is a huge event for our students and the university.

“Neill’s work is world renowned.

The fact he will be demonstrating specifically for our students and giving them feedback and advice on their work is a brilliant opportunity for them.”

Prof Gorton will also be joined by fellow BAFTA winner Chrissie Halliwell, who is head of make-up at the BBC in Media City, Salford.