YOBS went on the rampage vandalising a cricket club causing hundreds of pounds of damage.

Members of Darcy Lever Cricket Club’s committee now faces a race against time to repair the damage before the first team plays a friendly next week and before an inspection prior to the new season.

The damage at the club in Hacken Lane included broken sight screens, drain spouts pulled from a building, with one thrown on to the club house roof and turf churned up.

Daffodils were also pulled up, a security light damaged and part of the wickets dug out by vandals’ heels.

Breeze blocks had been thrown around the ground and plastic bins smashed.

Groundsman Ralf Heyes made the discovery on Wednesday morning.

He said: “We are a self-funding club, we are a charity organisation and we still have bills to pay.

“We will have to pay to repair the damage on top of paying gas and electric bills, but we will hopefully be ready for the new season.

“Damage to the club is always a kick in the teeth. This is the world today.”

The damage is believed to have been caused between 10.30am on Tuesday and 10.45am on Wednesday.

The vandalism follows criminals sawing down a 10ft Christmas tree at the club, leaving only a stump at the start of December 2012.

Karen Waring, the club’s secretary, said: “The club is struggling financially and the summer keeps us going. This has set us back. A lot of people work voluntarily and people think they can just damage property.

“Why would people want to ruin things? We will possibly raise money to repair the gutters and the wickets.

“The first team will be playing a friendly next week. I am not sure it will be able to go ahead with that yet.”

She added that improvements will be made to the club’s security.

PCSOs Maurice Pennington and Claire Lindop have been making enquiries in the area as part of police investigations.

Insp Chris Evans, from Bolton South Neighbourhood Police Station, said: “This is horrible, completely wanton damage. There’s no need for it. There’s no reason for it. I am really keen to know who has done it.”

He urged people with information to call police. Call police on 101 or Crimestoppers, on 0800 555 111.