CRIME on Farnworth’s Campbell Court estate has plummeted after a major police crackdown.

Police have been working to improve the area following complaints about drug dealing and anti-social behaviour.

Officers have joined forces with Bolton at Home and Bolton Council to inject new life into the area and rid the estate of nuisance neighbours.

Last month Bolton at Home evicted nightmare neighbours Damien Gaskell, aged 37, and Leanne Davies, aged 29, from Campbell Court following a catalogue of complaints from residents.

Former resident Dean Goodwin, aged 24, was jailed for three years for dealing heroin and crack cocaine after previously being banned from entering Campbell Court and Cawdor Court to deal drugs.

Police and Bolton at Home have held two drop-in sessions for residents last week at Farnworth UCAN Centre in Campbell Street where people were asked to share their ideas for the area.

One Campbell Court resident, who did not want to be named, said: “I feel safer now some of the tenants have been evicted. When my children were younger they saw the drug dealers on the estate with money and they thought it was a career option.

“It has helped seeing people jailed for drug dealing. I would like to do a child care qualification and set up a group.

“The community would also benefit from English for speakers of other languages classes.”

Other suggestions for improvements included healthy cooking courses, a bigger play area and IT skills.

Chris Wood, a community development officer for Bolton at Home, said the improvements would be gradually introduced over a number of years.

He said community champions wanted to help “make things happen”. PC Ian Roby, the officer covering the estate from Bolton South Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We want to gain the trust of residents again on the estate. People are coming to us and we are acting on information.

“People can see action has been taken in the area. If they want anything changing we are asking them to come and engage with us. It is about working together and doing something about it. There’s certain things we can’t do without their assistance.

“We have seen a significant reduction in the amount of calls relating to anti-social behaviour and drug related issues. There has been a drop in crime as well since November.”

PC Roby and police community support officers have been patrolling the area each day. A street clean up will be held on the estate on Friday, April 25, between 10am and 1pm.

People will be able to throw away excess rubbish from their homes and street cleaning will be taking place.