BOLTON Wanderers lost about £750,000 because of negotiations conducted by the agency representing them in the disputed signing of Gavin McCann in 2007, a court heard.

SEM employee Dave Sheron, who is not licensed as an agent but participated in the controversial transfer as he was a friend of Mr McCann, was cross-examined by Martin Budworth in court yesterday.

The court heard how SEM heard of Bolton's preferred terms and interest in Mr McCann at a meeting with Sammy Lee and Frank McParland at a restaurant in Liverpool.

Bolton allegedly said they wanted to pay wages of between £20,000 to £25,000 a week.

Mr Budworth questioned why, if SEM were acting for Bolton, the first offer was at the top of the bracket, having the potential for losing Wanderers £750,000.

Mr Sheron said he knew nothing about the specific negotiations, insisting he was acting on behalf of licensed agent Jeffrey Weston. He was asked why he made two calls to Mr McCann on June 7, the date the transfer was sealed by the club.

Mr Sheron said: “Jeff Weston just passed on the terms and I was passing them on to Mr McCann.”

The trial continues.

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