A GRIEVING man threw a cupboard at a member of his girlfriend’s family - fracturing his nose - after a getting into a row at her home, a court heard.

Michael Briggs had been drinking after attending his grandfather’s funeral on February 25 and went back to his girlfriend, Nicole Pollitt’s home.

Wayne Jackson, prosecuting at Bolton Crown Court, said he rolled a cannabis joint after going to bed but then became angry, started shouting, banged a door against a wall and damaged Miss Pollitt’s watch.

He then knocked his girlfriend backwards and she hit her head against the wall.

Miss Pollitt’s mother tried to calm 25-year-old Briggs down, but when he “squared up” to her, her partner Christopher Shaw stood between them and Briggs lunged at him, punching him several times.

Mr Jackson said the two women managed to separate the men and Mr Shaw went downstairs to the kitchen, but Briggs picked up a cupboard and threw it at him, knocking out a tooth and fracturing his nose.

Briggs, aged 25, of Watson Road, Farnworth, pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm, assault and criminal damage.

Rebecca Sharp, defending, said Briggs, who works as a valeter, had been struggling to cope after suffering four family bereavements within five weeks.

Judge Peter Davies told Briggs he was not a man who was likely to be violent but he needed help to control his temper.

He was sentenced to eight months in prison, suspended for 18 months, and will be subject to 18 months supervision by the probation service.

Briggs must also participate in the Improving Relationships Supporting Change programme and pay Mr Shaw £250 compensation.